The Journey

From dirt roads to interstates

High 5 Video and Drone Services as of 2022 is a one man operation and is the LLC of Jim Davis (Trucker Jim).  What started as a life long love of cameras, video cameras, comedy, inspiration, spectacular views and positive energy is now what High 5 VADS intends to radiate into each project.

A youtube channel was started in 2015, that now has 100’s of uploads following from day one of my truckin journey.  From Truck Driving school, training, teaming with another new driver, partner changes, mistakes, tickets, getting fired, company changes, cooking in the truck, trucker fitness and much more was vlogged. I learned through the the process that I love content creating more than i like truck driving.  So Now i turn my passion into my business.

I am also a licensed Independent Adjuster that travels with my dog “Beamer”